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Helicopter Industry Surveys and Polls - Knowledge is Power!

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2008 & 2013 Helicopter Operations Compensation and Benefits Surveys

Compensation - Workover - Retirement - Benefits - Vacation & Sick Leave

To participate in or view surveys for the positions below CLICK HERE

  • Directors of Operations
  • Directors of Maintenance
  • Chief Pilot
  • Pilot Single Engine Piston
  • Pilot Single Engine Turbine
  • Pilot Multi Engine
  • Lead Mechanic
  • Line Mechanic

General Surveys & Polls

  • Pilot Demographic Survey - Age, where trained, experience level, sector working.
  • Mechanic Demographic Survey - Age, where trained, experience level, sector working.
  • Job Satisfaction Survey - Do you like your job?
  • Visitor Demographic Survey - What do you do in the helicopter industry?
  • Unions in the Helicopter Industry Survey  - Your opinion of Unions in the helicopter industry? 
  • Helicopter Model Survey - What helicopter models flown and your favorite?
  • Media Preference Survey - How do you stay connected to the helicopter industry?
  • Safety Culture Survey - Which best describes how your organization embraces safety culture?
  • Social Media Survey - Which form of social media do you use most to connect with industry?
  • Risk Assessment Survey - What type of risk assessment do you typically perform before flight?
  • Tablets in the Workplace Survey - As a pilot or mechanic, do you regularly use a tablet (iPad or Android Mobile device) as part of your daily work routine?

If there is a survey that you would like to see here please Contact Us  with the content of the survey.


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