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The Less the Merrier: The Perils of Additional Insured

Written by Jeff Fleming, Leading Edge Insurance Agency

As a helicopter owner, especially a non-commercial owner, you may have been asked by the county or city that owns the airport where you park or hangar your aircraft to be added to your insurance as an "additional insured." You probably said, "Sure, why not?" Then you contacted your agent to get the additional party added, and the agent subsequently went to the insurance underwriter to complete the request. But exactly what was the airport/city/county really asking for?

Heli-Expo 2013 grew for the sixth straight year, setting a new record with an official attendance of 20,393.  And with more than 730 exhibitors and 60 helicopters from all over the globe, there was plenty to see and do. Over 27 educational courses were conducted with nearly 1000 attendees.

Eurocopter recently began the U.S. tour of its X3 high-speed hybrid helicopter, which will demonstrate the unique operational capabilities of this advanced transportation system during a month of visits to military facilities and hub locations for civil helicopter operators.

Fire Academy Brings Together Regional Helicopter Community with Unique Training Program
By Lyn Burks

It’s no secret that certain parts of the Midwest U.S. are a hotbed of helicopter activity, and Ohio is no exception. This is especially true when it comes to sectors like EMS, Law Enforcement, and Electronic News Gathering (ENG), where a variety of helicopters, from a variety of operators are literally operating in the back yards of the communities they serve.

Are helicopters and pilots all there is to this industry? Of course I know the answer, but that was a question that was loosely on my mind as I was walking the show floor at Heli-Expo2012 in Dallas, T...

It’s my third day in Vegas, and Heli-Success is over now, but I don’t want to leave the meeting room.  I’m hanging out as people are packing up the banners and booths and I’m saying goodbye to friends I probably won’t see again until Heli-Expo. When a suggestion is made to go grab a beer, my suitcase and I are the first ones there!

By Mike Coligny - On October 5th throughout the night Prescott, AZ was experiencing its first fall/winter storm. The wind was howling and the rain was pelting as I was woken from a sound sleep by the ...

By Bryan Cox - Professor, ERAU Helicopter Program -.........but I had yet to get the opportunity sit down with Lyn to get his thoughts on the future of the helicopter industry. On Saturday, November 6th while over 200 seminar participants were receiving yet another world class presentation on professional development for helicopter pilots, Lyn agreed to sit down with me and answer a few questions relating to the helicopter industry and ERAUs Helicopter specialty program:

The very first conference exclusively focused on Night Vision Systems was recently held in Dallas TX.  The event was exceptionally well attended by Night Vision Goggle (NVG) users, suppliers and government representatives.  The participation of every group that has anything to do with Night Vision operations made this conference different from most in the industry.

The World Record Helicopter Team, based in Murrieta CA, has set a new world speed record from San Diego CA to Savannah/Hilton Head GA and back. Flying a Robinson R44 Raven II, the four-man team departed from Brown Field on September 17, 2011 when the race clock started at 7:28AM. 

Flyin VideoArticle, Photos & Video By Lyn Burks

After landing on the big white H, we surface taxi the giant Aircrane, also nicknamed Goliath, across the parking lot of the Orange County Convention Center. Just before the Erickson Aircrane ground marshalling guy puts his arms in the shape of a big X telling us to stop, the pilot not flying asks the pilot if he see’s the little tree on the right side to which he get’s an “affirmative” reply. As the parking brake and nose wheel locks are applied, Randy Erwin, Captain of the Goliath cracks the intercom and says, “not bad for a couple of old farts eh?”


Didn't get to attend Heli Expo 2011? No problem...... Rotorcraft Pro Media Network & Justhelicopters.TV will give you an inside look at some of the show highlights and products via the web. Video blasts from Heli Expo in Houston, TX will be posted during the days following the event, so stay tuned!

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Steve Goldsworthy talks with Jim Paules, founder of the American Heroes Airshow. Late in July the skies over Los Angeles were filled with helicopters. That’s not so unusual with all the ENG and police ships that can show up at the rumor of a pursuit, but what was unusual was the type of helicopters in the air. First in were two Pavehawks, a DEA Astar, a Vietnam era Huey, wow, this is not your average event. But for the American Heroes Airshow, it’s just the morning of fly in.

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